Behind the Scenes: Kidz in the Hall – Jukebox

By on February 8, 2010

Check out behind the scenes pics from Kidz in the Hall’s “Jukebox” video from the album LAND OF MAKE BELIEVE in stores March 9th on Duck Down Music. The “Jukebox” video premieres tomorrow.

Listen to “Jukebox”

“It’s really just me apologizing for being a dickhead,” explains Naledge, the M.C. half of hip-hop duo Kidz in the Hall. We’re being chauffeured up the West Side Highway in a roomy SUV with the group’s new album, Land of Make Believe, blaring out of the car stereo. Double O, the production half of Kidz, is riding shotgun, adjusting bass levels and muting the sound when it’s time to talk. The current track, “Do It All Again,” is a candid one, with Naledge addressing a litany of girls he’s wronged (“Real names,” I’m told), and the UPenn grad is offering a rambling, impassioned explanation as we cruise, touching on his personal failings and the expectations of his parents. It’s unconventional as far as listening sessions go, but effective; we’ve been driving around for over an hour, and the two have barely deviated off message:This is our best, most personal album. This is the one that’ll show people why we’re different.

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