Stop Taking Shit From My Site And Not Giving Props!

By on April 13, 2010

db tupac22 Stop Taking Shit From My Site And Not Giving Props!

I just want to put this out there for the record. I have no ambitions to get to know any of you bloggers on a personal level and everyone of you that I have actually ran into in the past have been corny as hell. But there has to be some level of respect. Look, if I CLEARLY see that your site had the content first I am going to give you respect, I require the same. As much as the blogging community hates Worldstar, I have yet to hear one logical explanation as to why. I believe that the reason people hate WSHH is because they are a independent entity and this correlates to the reason why nobody ever gives them props either. RapRadar, I rock with you. Dirtyglove, TrapsNTrunks, 57thAve and ThizzlerOnTheRoof, you already know. But for any other blog that been jacking my content and feeling because I’m not in some bitch ass in-crowd that you can jack my shit, kick rocks. You don’t have to like MeetThaDealer, But YOU WILL respect us. So, being conclusive, stop jacking content and start showing love and we will be more then glad to reciprocate.