Game: The Golden Mistake

By on October 11, 2010

Golden Game: The Golden Mistake

In any dealing, whether negotiating a business deal or dialoging with a woman upon approach, sometimes a mistake is made during the process by saying or doing the wrong thing, destroying the whole deal. Usually when a person knows that a deal is about to go sour, in an attempt to save it, they try to rectify their mistake. This is what I call the Golden mistake.

The Golden mistake is a mistake that forces a person to increase in confidence, wordplay and dominance. It allows a person to step their game up. It becomes a final attempt to save and close the deal. The focus is directed to rectifying the mistake instead of closing the deal. It becomes a ‘do or die’, ‘float or sink’ situation where the person is now more determined with their words and actions.

This lesson came to me when, during my break from work, out and about upon approaching a fine woman who was receptive to my game. When I was about to close the deal and get her number, I said the most stupidest things that would have made any woman frown and shake her head. To save the situation, overlooking the fact that her saying no was now a high probability, I found myself spitting more game that quickly overlooked the stupid things that were said before. Within seconds my words flowed liked water, with one aim in mind, to rectify the studity. The funny thing is that this happened automatically. In the end I got her number.

The golden mistake is the mistake that won’t allow you to give up till satisfaction comes from attempts that you tried to correct it. If the deal does not go the way you want it, there is that satisfaction there, knowing that you tried, that you did your best.

Don’t be afraid of making mistakes. They are tools to step your game up. The golden mistake will always come with a feeling of loss, letting you know it’s there. Turning this feeling to a feeling of gain, turns the situation around. It releases tension that would cause the mistake in the first place, setting you free from further display of nerves and stupidity.

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