Mack Lessons: How Fear Affects Your Game

By on October 11, 2010

themack1 Mack Lessons: How Fear Affects Your Game

A lot of men fall into these comfort zones, It’s very comfortable to be a “simp,” there’s no fear in being a “simp.” There’s no fear in being a “trick” ’cause a “trick” doesn’t get rejected (for the most part).” -Tariq Elite

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In my 25 years of accumulating my “izm,” one of the most important jewels I’ve learned was– these ladies are drawn to men with confidence (Confidence not arrogance, lets not get it twisted, playaz). On the contrary, If you’re approaching a lady and you’re half-way macking or you have that bit of insecurity, a women will pickup on that as well. I’m sure all of you know what I’m talking ’bout and I know you learned this through trial and error at some point.

Tariq Elite breaks it down more in depth in this episode of Mack Lessons, so sit back grab a pen and prepare to chop up game, Jack.


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