Chicago Snipers

By on October 26, 2010

I was having a conversation with my boy from Philadelphia and he was saying that Philly is the grittiest city in the country. Now, I’m by no means taking anything from Philly (’cause I’ve been out there and sheesh), but Chicago in my opinion is on a whole other level when it comes that gangsta sh*t.

True story: As we should all know I’m Milwaukee bred, 45 minutes outside of Chicago. So I went down to the Windy for my half brothers high school graduation. His mom stays on the South Side, not far from where Kanye is from. The area he stays at his prominently populated by a street organization called the Black Disciples. I mean, I heard about it growing up, but I’m from Milwaukee- we bang, but no where near to the extremity of Chicago. Anyway, we’re standing outside taking a joint down (mind you it’s 2am on a Tuesday) and we see this short, stocky cat with a hoody walk to the corner on the opposite side of the street and just give a blank stare. I think nothing of it, I keep smokin’ my loud. 5 minutes pass, and another dude walks to the left corner on our side of the street; looks at us briefly and turns around. Now, both these dudes came out in 5 minute intervals and were moving like the hood army regime how strategic it was, but yet and still I didn’t think anything of it. My brother, being more familiar with his hood says, “say Joe, we should go upstairs, Joe.” Literally seconds after he says that, a tall, big ass gargantuate dark-skinned joker comes up directly behind us and says, “ya’ll can’t be out here Joe.” I’m thinking what the hell? One, It’s 2am God damn it, and Two, this my brothers hood. But lil’ bro explained to me that, “if you ain’t BD (Black Disciples) you can’t be out here-Period.”

Long story I know, but I just think it’s interesting how Chicago’s element of crime is. It’s way more structured and grimey like never before. So being conclusive, are they really sniping cat’s in the Chi, YES!

Watch video of people from people from Chicago talking about sniping