Tech News: Lady Gaga & 50 Cent Big influence at 2011 CES ?

By on January 6, 2011

50centGaga Tech News: Lady Gaga & 50 Cent Big influence at 2011 CES ?

Whats better than celebrity endorsed products? (Crickets) OK a lot of things, But they potentiality can become some of the hottest products in the market right? I mean Dre, Gaga & Diddy did it No? So I guess Curtis had to dip his had in the headphone jar too huh? Well check his new Sleek Headphones below as well as some Lady Gaga craziness that just debuted at CES below.

Lady Gaga’s New Product Summary:

The new Grey Label line also includes a rebirth for Polaroid as an instant camera company, with a sexy new GL30 Instant Digital Camera with built-in printer, a separate GL10 Instant Mobile Printer, and Lady Gaga’s bizarre triumph: the GL20 Camera Glasses (pictured), which include a built-in camera and dual LCDs which appear to cover your eyes when you’re wearing the oversized shades.

50 Cent Product Summary:

Sleek — which tickled our ears quite pleasantly with last year’s SA1 — is apparently gearing up to unveil something special here at CES. Mum’s the word on what, exactly, but judging by the image above, we’re assuming it’ll be a pair of high-end wireless (Kleer?) headphones with the backing of 50 Cent. You’ll also notice a svelte carbon fiber exterior, which ought to flex just right as the low-lows are passing through its drivers.