Milk Carton: Where is Da Brat??

By on February 2, 2011

da brat give it 2 you e1296702419188 Milk Carton: Where is Da Brat??

Ok ok, so I did a little research, cuz that’s all she’s worth, and I learned that Da Brat did her little 3 year bid in jail, and is now selling windows! In case you forgot, she beat a waitress in the face with a bottle of rum. So in 2010, she was out on work release selling windows for houses or cars(I Dunno). Smdh. Look, I’m not going to just downgrade the once funkdafied superstar sister of that dimepiece oldhead from Playas Club; but this sh*t is kind of funny. On another note, did you ever look real close at Brat and say, ‘she’s kinnddaa cute’? She just got that Lady Luck swag that throws me off. On another note again, when you look at Lady Luck reallll close, you say ‘she’s kind of cute too’. Smdh! Anyway, Brat has officially been Milk Cartoned by MTD! -Trademarkk

“I’ma be making windows, music, movies, TV shows, anything I can get my hands on,” said Brat. “I’m fittin’ to come out and running…fast,”-Da Brat via Sister 2 Sister Magazine