Midwest Classic: Playboy D -Ride Out!

By on March 31, 2011

CS1400113 02A BIG Midwest Classic: Playboy D  Ride Out!

If you’ve never rode big body on a fall night in Milwaukee on Sherman Boulevard, you probably wouldn’t sonically understand why this record is so awesome. I recall riding in what we call “traffic” (It’s where everybody meets up in the middle of the North Side of Milwaukee in ride in circles around blocks–showing off their Lambo doors, throwing money out the window etc.) so high it seemed like everything was moving in slow motion. My boy had the 2004 Regal on 26′s, it was a pleasure to even just ride with him. But I recall us swangin’ a left off Sherman by the Red Snappers fish joint, and he through this on like, “Folks, you ain’t even heard this, Folks, but on the G, this shit WANGIN’” He through this on and it been one of my favorite records every since.

Playboy D is 1/3rd of the infamous Country Boy Clique. Baby Drew is the front man followed by Derrick Note, or what we call ‘em in the Mil “D-Note.” You can purchase the album here.

Download: PlayboyD -Ride Out!