Industry News: 50 Cent States He Saved Jeremih’s Career By Rapping On ‘Down On Me’

By on April 5, 2011

50cent jeremih Industry News: 50 Cent States He Saved Jeremihs Career By Rapping On Down On Me

Baller Status: 50 Cent always used his own popularity to help push his own G-Unit roster, but over the past year, he’s hopped on remixes for several other artists — including E-40′s “Bitch (Remix)”, and YG’s “Toot It & Boot It (Remix)”, among others.

One of those remixes did more than just make the track more popular. He says he helped one artist from actually getting dropped from his label, just by recording a verse for their remix.

That artist is Jeremih, who got an assist from Fif on the remix to his single “Down On Me,” which the hip-hop mogul claims saved the singer’s career.

In an interview with Hot 97 on Monday (April 14), on the Angie Martinez Show, 50 claimed that Jeremih’s label, Island Def Jam, was very close to dropping the singer due to slow sales … and when they reached out to him to help, he was with it.

“They was counting Jeremih out completely. He was already gon’ be dropped from Def Jam before ['Down on Me'],” 50 told Martinez. “He was definitely gonna be in a position where he was getting dropped, because the first week sales was really low on the record.”

Although most collaborations are usually planned out, sometimes with an alterior motive behind it, 50 says he helped Jeremih because he simply loved his music.

“We did the song, I didn’t care,” he said. “I was just looking at him as an artist and I said ‘He sounds good,’ and I thought he was a dope artist, so I said ‘I’mma do it. We did the song, and then it took off.”

According to Fif, now that he’s so financially secure, he picks and chooses the collaborations he wants to do, based simply on “the art.”

“It made sense to me from an artist’s perspective,” Fif explained. “What I have now, the luxury of being in a secure space financially, is me having the ability to make decisions based on just the art.

“I told him it was #1, you heard my verse. I said ‘#1 if nothing higher,’ ” he later bragged.

While he pops up on guest verses from time to time, 50′s solo career seems to be at a standstill, while he focuses on other business ventures, such as movies. His last album was 2009′s Before I Self Destruct. It sold far less than his previous releases.

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