Sneakers: Derek Jeter Inspired Sneaker Honoring 3000th Hit

By on August 22, 2011

2011 08 22 chiv e1314056402278 Sneakers: Derek Jeter Inspired Sneaker Honoring 3000th Hit

In honor of Derek Jeter’s 3000th hit, Diggy Simmons’ Chivalrous Culture brand has dropped a sneaker/tee release called the Hamachi 3000, which boasts the New York Yankee’s navy and white colors.

“Whether on the field or on the streets, the Chivalrous Culture crew maintains that one’s personal taste should boast a smooth, fresh look at all times,” a rep for the brand said.

The Hamachi 3000 is a new high-top style from Chivalrous Culture, featuring a sleek suede upper, steel tipped wax laces, and upgraded cushioning in the sole.

According to a press release, the sneaker boasts 52 components on the upper alone, as well as a debussed logo treatment on inner tounge, and color pop on the outsole rap.

“The Hamachi 3000 represents what can be accomplished with ceaseless drive and the will to exceed expectations,” a rap said. “Through the release of this shoe, Chivalrous Culture has once again proven its passion and determination to achieve a suave individual style. Now how’s that for a homerun boys?”

The new release is also compliments by a limited edition raglan baseball tee, which is limited to just 99. It has the custom Hamachi 3000 logo on the front and Derek Jeter’s number on the back.

The Hamachi 3000 and tee are available now at, Foot Action and Underground Station stores.

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