Milk Carton: Where is Jeru The Damaja? We Found Him [Interview w/Montreality]

By on May 26, 2012

In this Interview, Jeru The Damaja speaks about: the importance of Reading Books, his 1st paid show with DJ Premier, his Upcoming Solo Album, a Memorable Gangstarr Tour Story, Working at McDonald’s with Masta Killa & Much More.

In this Interview with Montreality, Jeru The Damaja speaks about:

- His story (0:19)
- The type of student he was at school (1:05)
- Books that he’s been reading lately (1:36)
- What he would call his book, if he were to write one (2:16)
- Jobs he’s had as a teenager growing up (2:38)
- What he spent his 1st big paycheck on (2:58)
- The key to success (3:06)
- His upcoming projects, what to expect (3:43)
- A memorable tour story (5:31)
- His live shows (6:02)
- His 1st paid show (6:30)
- What he has in his pockets (6:53)
- His favorite airport (7:05)
- Music he’s been listening to (7:41)
- Artists he’d like to collaborate with (8:07)
- What keeps him motivated (8:42)

Dealer: Montreality