Big Head -”Everybody Luvs Head 2″ [Mixtape]

By on September 5, 2012

Everybody Luvs Head 2 coverart front e1346883872969 Big Head  Everybody Luvs Head 2 [Mixtape]

These Orlando, FL artists’ are on the rise. Here’s the latest offering from Orlando’s Big Head entitled Everyone Luvs Head 2. In case you missed it, check out Big Head on XXL’s The Break.

1.UGK (Prod. by Tha Professionals)
2.Fck The Law (Prod. by Chronic)
3.I’ll Be There (Prod. by Oz and The Deacon)
4.Heart Beat (Prod. by Rampage)
5.Goin Hard (Prod. by Ayo The Producer)
6.Haze (Prod. by Tommy Jr.)
7.Neva Eva (Prod. by Soundman & Yoshi)
8.Real (Prod. by Platinum Beats
9.On Top
10.Bitch Made (Prod. by Track Officials)
11.Rise (Prod. by The Hitsmithz)
12.High Octane (Prod. by The Hitsmithz)
13.Cold Summer (Prod. by Apex Crown Productions)
14.Dreamin (Prod. by The Hitsmithz)
15.Killin Em (Prod. by The Hitsmithz)
16.VIP Sextion (Prod. by Germaine Martell)
17.Blind (Prod. by Tha Professionals) (Bonus Track)

Download: Link