Meet Tha Artist: Chief Major(@ChiefMajor) -”The Life” (prod. Roctimus Prime)

By on October 7, 2012

New York City has stood at the forefront of the Hip- Hop music scene since
its humble beginnings. From two turntables and mic in the park, NYC artists
such Biggie Smalls, Jay Z, Nas and others elevated Hip-Hop into the world
wide phenomenon that it is today.

Following in those steps we have New York City’s own Chief Major. Coined
the name “Chief” from a close friend, he added the title “Major” in
reference to his musical aspirations & goals. All-in-all Chief plans to be
a “MAJOR” force in the music industry scene. Blending a fresh New York
centric sound with a rapid machine gun flow & introspective lyrics, makes
Chief stand out against the rest. Content & concept-centered expression
allows him to build with his following, painting pictures that can be
envisioned. Giving listeners a vivid insight into his mind & soul, showing
you the everday life in Uptown, New York City.

Chief, the son of two immigrants from the Dominican Republic was born in
St. Luke Roosevelt Hospital in Washington Heights. The youngest of two
children from his mother and the oldest boy of ten siblings from his
father, Chief was a witness to poverty first hand. Raised by his mother,
Chief moved many times in his early years as his mother struggled to raise
two boys on her own.

It was here at a very early age where Chief was first exposed to hip hop.
The sounds of everything from Dr. Dre’s “The Chronic”, to Outkast’s
“Southernplayalisticadillacmuzik”, would serve as the soundtrack to Chief’s
life growing up in the New York inner city. Even though he was greatly
influenced by the music, Chief did not try his hand at rapping himself
until the age of 17. What first started as a musical experiment quickly
turned into an obsession, and a way for the young Chief to express himself.

As the years progressed, Chief grew into a dangerous MC. Citing Jay-Z, Big
Pun, and Big L as his biggest influences, Chief mastered a style & flow
that keeps listeners on the edge of their seats. In 2008, Chief along with
up-and-coming producer Jet Audio, released “Truly Yours”. A 12 track EP
that featured the single “A Million And One Ways”, a ode to the everyday
journey trying to grind to the top. His most recent project “Change Has
Come” has been recognized by a handful of the top-tier blogs including
WorldStar Hip-Hop, BarrellHouse Brooklyn, Deal With No Deal,

..and now Meet Tha Dealer.

Download: Link


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