Sister Fa: Raising Germany’s Hip-Hop Scene on the Global Scale

By on June 7, 2013

Screen shot 2013 06 07 at 8.08.15 AM Sister Fa: Raising Germany’s Hip Hop Scene on the Global Scale

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This certain bravery definitely rubs off not only on poker players, but also on Berlin’s musical performers as well. One musician who is currently creating waves due to her different brand of sound would be Sister Fa. A female hip hop artist that originally hails from West Africa, she has been churning out songs that express her sentiments. To date, her major advocacies would be the fight against AIDS and her protest against female genital mutilation that is still practiced in most parts of Africa.

Starting her career back in 2000, Sister Fa initially performed in several festivals across Senegal. Her ability to weave poetry into rap became the reason on why she has already garnered respect and nominations from award-giving bodies even before heading off to Germany. In an unexpected turn of events, she fell in-love with an Austrian filmmaker that resulted in the fateful migration of the couple to Berlin in 2006.

With the capital offering a wider and more open-minded audience for her music, Sister Fa was able to perform at major events such as the Backstage at Munich and the Ethno-Film Festival. Despite living on the other side of the world, she made a conscious effort to come back to Senegal for a tour dedicated to educating fellow Africans to stop genital mutilation in females. Her bravery was thus rewarded with the major prize from the Freedom To Create organization.

Sister Fa is one artist that should be emulated. Her courage to defy race, gender, and oppression through music definitely has raised the German Hip-hop scene on the global scale.