Ariez Onasis Serves An Original Twist on Wu-Tang’s “Ice Cream” With “Haagen Dazs” [VIDEO]

By on February 12, 2015

“For his upcoming project, The Gardner Heist, Ariez Onasis has been reimagining some of the best of the ’90s with his audacious rhyme schemes over fresh takes on beloved joints from various genres. While the tropical excursion in “Justified” tapped Madonna, and the Kevin Cossom-assisted “Temptaionz” samples a 2pac classic, AO’s latest release, “Haagen Dazs,” uses Wu-Tang’s “Ice Cream” as its secret ingredient.

The visual for “Haagen Dazs” begins with an unsuspecting intro sequence akin to an opening scene of a Breaking Bad episode. As the J. Cardim-produced beat drops, the video jumps between cuts of Worcester, Ma under the spell of both a winter storm’s aftermath and a fall day’s clear skies and UV rays. Posted up in his hometown, Ariez brings out a bunch of the local girls and hooligans to supply them with what they demand. Kicking a cold stone flow, AO hooks his customers up with unapologetic bars like “Gettin faded with my suburban b*tch / Rap Kenny Powers with the urban twist.” Judging from the booze hounds and overall debauchery on the premises, it’s a moniker that definitely suits the braggadocios emcee.

Watch Ariez’ visual for “Haagen Dazs” directed by Dan Moraru above and keep your eyes peeled for more weekly releases from the self-proclaimed “Posterchild for the come-up.” The Gardner Heist is coming soon. If you’re not up on AO’s catalog, make sure to also lend your ears to his impressive debut LP, The Heartbreak Kid.”