Article: MeetThaDealer Exclusive Interview w/Curren$y

By on April 13, 2011

We got a call to meet up with Curren$y the other night before he left NY to head back to New Orleans so we can get a few words in. So that’s what we did, as he spoke on the Covert Coup album and DD172. The venue was loud, so instead of forcing a difficult listen onto you, we transcribed the interview for you below.

MTD: What’s the word on the forthcoming album?

Curren$y: I got 2 new ones; and the one that’s dropping first is called Covert Coup. That’s all produced by Alchemist. Covert Coup is on the play for the words ‘cougar tops’, you know what I’m saying, and overdrawing whatever facet is in power. The people who live in certain remedies get upset with the government and whatever facet is in power, and they fu*king REVOLT, and then they become their own government. So in a sense, that’s what I did with this, in pushing people to become independent to better the environment for people like me, as far as underground rappers are concerned. So that’s why I named it Covert Coup because it’s an underground rise and take of the system that was already in power; so I had to get mainstream and knock the other mainstreams suckas off that I don’t like who fu*ked the game up.

MTD: What’s up with DD172/Dame Dash?

Curren$y: Yea on the Muscle Car Chronicles, that’s the thing we’re trying to tie together. We’re just trying to find the right date to put it out; you know with all these projects I got going, and the relationship with Warner, and my Jet Life Recordings company, I’m just trying to make sure everything has enough time to run and stretch its legs out.

Regarding Dame, everybody who knows me knows that I don’t burn bridges; everything gotta be 100. Jonas from Creative control is right over there(points to the left). That’s Dame Dash’s nephew right there(points to the right). Nothing’s changed man, we just gotta iron everything out.

Ski Beats, that’s my man, I want him to do Pilot Talk 3; but I want him to do it for free yet I don’t know if he’s gonna see it like that. I haven’t talked to him about it and I’ve been batting the idea around for a few days; this is gonna be my first chance gettin’ around DD172 since I’ve been to NY in like 5 months, and I’m trying to catch up with Ski.