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Whether you prefer full-spectrum CBD or CBD isolate, Vaprzon offers a wide assortment of unflavored and flavored CBD vape products that will deliver the effect and experience you expect. Choose from our wide variety of respected CBD brands, all of which deliver superior cloud generation and natural flavors.

Vape Devices

Whether you need a full starter kit or replacement parts for your existing vape device, we provide the best tools for optimizing your vape. The Triton II Starter Kit provides new vapers with everything they need to enjoy their vape immediately, including glass tanks, batteries, coils, and USB cables. Just assemble, fill with your favorite e-liquid, and you’re ready to go! We also have component items sold separately, so if you want spare coils, batteries, or cables, we’ve got you covered.


If you want the ultimate vaping experience but don’t want the hassle of assembling a vape device, disposables deliver the convenience you crave at the price you want. From e-cigarettes to pre-filled tanks and pods with your favorite e-liquids, our disposable products offer grab-and-go vaping, right out of the box, whether you want standard e-liquid or CBD.


Not only do we offer superior vape products, we also provide wellness items, from hand and surface sanitizers to masks, to CBD-enhanced personal care and nutritional products. Best of all, if you want to keep your CBD experience vape-free, we have CBD edibles and oral mists that provide the full benefit of CBD in an on-the-go package!