Finding A Sod & Irrigation Installation Service

How to Choose a Sod Installer – What to Look for

       Like when is the best time to graze?  As discussed, this is the perfect time of year to introduce Sod2day to your garden for the first time or to replace an old lawn with an upgraded premium variety.  Choosing a professional turf installation company can be difficult, however, and not all installers produce high-quality end results.

       1. A good business must have a quality process.

       A concrete Sod installation company should have the entire process in place.  For the best possible result, there are several steps to be followed before laying a lawn.  Herbicides may be needed to remove weeds and other unwanted growth from the area.  Old grass must be removed;  In addition to cutting or peeling the scalp, it should be completely removed and the area leveled again if necessary.  Avoid a company that is considering cutting or scaling existing grass before putting new grass on it as a one-time operation.

       2. Agree on the terms when starting work.

       Like any other professional service, the terms and conditions must be established and agreed by both parties before any work can be performed.  This means the company will have to come to your home, measure your lawn, and determine the process required for the job.  With our area calculator you can measure your lawn yourself so you can get an idea of ​​how much lawn you need.

       Note that costs can vary widely depending on factors such as the preparation process and amount of work.  Think of it as a warning sign when an installation company charges a high percentage upfront;  A reputable company should first ask for little or nothing.  Another thing to keep in mind is that installation companies are often not maintenance companies.  Don’t expect continuous service.  Plan to do the maintenance yourself or hire another company to meet these requirements.  Don’t forget to check out our many maintenance tips on our maintenance page.  You can get seasonal tips, basics, and other useful information sorted by your specific type of weed.

       3. Low prices often mean poor quality.

       The phrase “you get what you pay for” is especially true when it comes to setting up Sods.  As mentioned earlier, a installation job involves much more than just laying down the sword.  If you meet a company that offers a bargain price compared to other installers in the area, beware, there’s probably a reason.  Better to pay more and get the job right the first time than to go back and do a complicated job.

       4. A good business must have license and insurance.

       Finally, avoid potential legal headaches by choosing a licensed company with general and workers compensation insurance.  If something goes wrong, these credentials will make sure you’re protected.

       Some of the factors to consider while making a decision are:-

       weather condition

       Creating a new lawn takes time and depends on site preparation.  You must have experience and skill to prepare the ground and set up the sword quickly.  Otherwise, it may die before roots are established.

       physical work

       When establishing a new sword, a large amount of soil is moved, distributed over the site, fertilizer is used and rolls of hay are laid.  It is difficult and it takes time.  Even small projects can seem overwhelming without professional help.

       Materials and Equipment

       Most homeowners do not have the necessary tools and equipment such as lawn rollers, cultivators, fertilizer spreaders, etc. to establish a Sod.  If you are planning on DIY you may need to buy some adding to the total cost of the project.


       While do-it-yourself Sod installation can reduce upfront professional labor costs, it increases the cost of renting or purchasing equipment.  It also takes extra time to purchase materials and equipment and install a new Sod.  However, if you hire professionals they can get it done on time and within your budget.  They usually provide a guarantee or warranty and will fix any problems that arise within a given time frame.