Finding the Best Rap Beats Online – 5 Tips

When searching for rap beats much of you have a common purpose in mind. You want to find the best rap beats online that will get you heard, or maybe even get you SIGNED. Although to an extent we all have different music tastes there are some common features you should look for when finding the best rap beats online.

  1. Quality – To me, quality is one of the main factors you should consider when selecting the hottest rap beats for sale to purchase online. Does the mix sound professional or of industry-quality? They beat may have a hot melody but you want your instrumentals to be listenable in every situation, whether the radio or the club.
  2. Melody – Make sure the beat has catchy and memorable melodies. You want to make an impression on first-time listeners and the first thing the listener will hear is the beat. The beat will reel them in and catch their interest.
  3. Style – When finding the best rap beats online you should have a few styles in mind or sub-genres. There are multiple styles of rap beats such as East Coast, West Coast, Club, and Dirty South.
  4. Format – You should also consider the song’s structure. How is the song built? Does the hook or verse begin the song? Are there three 16 bar verses? Are there good transitions from a verse to a hook? Sometimes this element gets overlooked when artists are finding the best beats online. These small elements can have a major effect on the listener.
  5. The Hook/Chorus – Think back and remember some of the best rap songs you’ve heard. Chances are the first thing you remember is the hook. The hook is such a powerful element to a popular song. You should find the beats that have a catchy or easy to listen to hook.

Use these tips to help you make the wisest choices for finding and buy beats online.