What Is Direct to Garment Printing

There are two basic types of T-shirt printing-screen printing and digital printing. Screen printing has been around for over two thousand years. Not surprisingly, digital printing is comparably new. In this article we will discuss a form of digital printing known as direct to garment printing.

Modern direct to garment printing relies on a device that is a kind of modified inkjet printer that prints an image directly onto a garment. There are several advantages of creating custom garments using this printing method. For one thing, the garment feels the same as it did before it was printed on.

The number one complaint of customers who purchase custom garments that use the heat transfer method is that the design feels different from the rest of the shirt because it is a kind of patch. But with direct to garment the design is actually printed on the shirt, so it feels exactly the same as it did before it was customized, learn more about tshirt printing atlanta.

When the technology first appeared, it could only be used on light garments, white in particular. But as the process improved, printers were able to add slightly darker colors to their orders. That’s the good news. The bad news is that the technology is still quite new, which means that it is also expensive.

The printer itself is not the problem. A quality printer can be purchase at a reasonable price. But the printing cartridges are quite costly when used in a high volume business. That is why screen printing remains the most popular custom printing method. Of course, that does not mean that direct to garment printing does not have its place in the business.

As with any new technology, costs will continue to fall as competition increases. It is quite possible that prices will decline and direct to garment printing will be the method of choice in a decade or so.

Machines still cost upwards of a thousand dollars and printing supplies and accessories are expensive. At present, direct to garment printing is used for small specialty shops who have clients who are willing to pay a bit more for quality. Few high volume printers can afford cutting-edge printers that are used for smaller jobs.

Garments that are produced using direct to garment printing usually cost about twice as much as those that are created with screen printing. Of course, there is no dispute about the quality of the product. Direct to garment printing can produce high quality pictures in vibrant colors on most materials.